Composite Restorations

You have a healthier alternative to your old mercury fillings.

If your fillings are more than ten years old, you may have had your cavities filled with black mercury amalgam filling material. They date all the way back to the Civil War. They were popular because they’re easy to place and very cheap. Not only are these fillings unsightly, they’re also possibly unhealthy.

Amalgam fillings use mercury which is a toxic substance. A great deal of controversy exists over whether or not this mercury leaks into the human body and causes health issues. Additionally they can corrode allowing bacteria to seep into the tooth or can act like metal wedges, weakening the tooth and causing it to crack or split.

Many patients would rather not risk any potential health problems and opt to have them replaced with composite fillings. Removing the amalgam and replacing it with composites can instantly make your smile look more natural.

Dr. Abeles can replace your old, worn mercury fillings with new, modern, tooth-colored composites and can make your teeth stronger than they were before.

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