Laser Gum Contouring

A little nip and tuck can make a big difference.

A great smile isn’t just about great teeth. The contour of the gum tissue that frames the smile becomes a critical part of what makes a terrific smile. Dr. Abeles is an artist in creating the proper form and symmetry to the gums by using a laser to sculpt the tissue to perfect position.

Crooked smiles aren’t just caused by uneven teeth. Uneven gum tissue may be the culprit. The same goes for people with “gummy” smiles showing too much gum tissue. Both of these problems can be quickly and painlessly corrected with the artistic use of a laser

The procedure as performed by Dr. Abeles, has no bleeding and virtually zero discomfort afterwards yielding a predictable and lasting aesthetic result. Most laser gum contouring takes just a few minutes to complete, and you can usually resume your normal daily activities immediately after the surgery.

Gum surgery, together with dental procedures, can turn a crooked smile into a beautiful one.
Frequently we can combine laser gum contouring, enamel reshaping (slightly reshaping your teeth without veneers) and Zoom! in-office whitening to give you a mini smile makeover in two short visits!  These three cosmetic procedures combined together can create a big difference in your smile for a surprisingly small price.

$500 OFF our mini Smile Makeover! (Regularly $1700).

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