Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What makes you different from everyone else?

A: Two important factors make us different from all the other dentists out there.

1. We have the experience and the credentials.
Lots of dentists tout their training at various programs. However, when you select just those that are on the faculty of a world-class educational institute, actually teach dentists the state-of-the-art procedures instead of just being the student, and consult with the major dental manufacturers on the development of new dental products… the field narrows dramatically very quickly.

2. We’re small and very personalized.
Ask how many doctors and staff members are in the other practices. The more people they see per day, the more staff they need. Large staff numbers mean lots of people run through the practice daily. The numbers don’t lie.

We’re small by design. In this day and age of impersonal care and unmet expectations, most organizations over-promise and under-deliver. Truly great service is hard to come by whether it’s the doctor’s office, a restaurant or the dry cleaners.

Dr. Abeles believes you deserve the same level of care that he wants for himself when he visits an establishment. You’ll experience first-hand what truly personalized care really means.

Q: How come you’re not on my employer’s PPO, discount plan provider list?

A: Like anything else in this world, we get what we pay for.

Dr. William G. Dickerson, founder and CEO of The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, the premier post-graduate dental education institution in the world says, “Charge what you’re worth, or you’ll become worth what you charge.”

Here’s what he meant…

If a dentist charges a fair fee for providing their absolute best and finest care to those patients who value and appreciate it, they will find a way to justify that fee and go the extra mile in every way to be sure to provide the exceptional service, care, and treatment that fee represents.

On the other hand, if they are on all the insurance company’s lists as a PPO discount provider, and agree to provide care according to when and how the insurance company tells them to and accept the low discount fee dictated by the insurance company, the dentist can justify that low fee by spending less time with each patient, using cheaper dental laboratories, cheaper dental materials, and forego expensive, advanced training to become the best saying, “Well, that’s all their plan pays for!” Why bother if you have to accept low fees anyway?

Either way, the dentist justifies the fee they charge.

In Dr. Abeles’ practice you will always be offered dental care that protects your teeth to the highest degree, lasts the longest, is the strongest and offers the best aesthetics.

You should have the option to choose the type of care you desire. You’ll always have options from optimal treatment to inexpensive short-term treatment but at least you will have the option to say, “Yes” to the finest care if you so choose.

We’ll work with your insurance and fight on your behalf to get the absolute most benefit and payment for you. The only difference is we choose not be controlled by them. In our opinion, insurance companies should not dictate the quality of care you receive just because it benefits their pocketbook.

It all boils down to this one question… What level of care are you looking for?

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