Custom Ceramic Inlays

They’re far stronger than fillings. They preserve more of your own natural tooth than crowns. They strengthen your teeth. They’re very hi-tech, and absolutely beautiful. What are they?

Custom ceramic inlays by Fred Abeles. Our signature restoration.

Rather than simply “fill” teeth, Dr. Abeles will restore your teeth to their near natural strength and beauty while preserving more of your own natural tooth without the use of mercury, metal or crowns.

Our custom ceramic inlays are the perfect blend of engineering and art. They help prevent many of the undesirable results of silver mercury fillings such as cracked teeth, broken teeth and bacterial leakage, which can result in root canals, crowns or even tooth loss.

Gorgeous strong teeth. It’s never been easier. We’d love to show you the difference our advanced dentistry can make in your life.

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